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Meet Jackie Han, a STEM Renaissance Man!

STEM Kids Rock is excited to profile long-time volunteer, Jackie Han!

Jackie is a 15-year grade 10 student at Bayview Secondary School in their IB Program. In school, Jackie enjoys and excels at Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.

Being a very versatile and well-rounded student, Jackie is effectively able to handle balancing a heavy curricular and extracurricular schedule. In school, Jackie is a member of the debate club and frequently participates in tournaments. Outside of school he enjoys STEM Kids Rock, Origami, Rubik's Cube and Music.

Jackie is a master of Origami, he utilized math and physics at a young age to produce very complex products that astound the audience. His Origami artwork is truly complex and vivid.

The Rubik's cube is also among one of Jackie’s hobbies. He taught himself to solve one in less than an hour when he was 11. In the past few years, he has been improving steadily and only takes about 10 seconds on average to solve a 3x3 Rubik’s cube. Jackie also goes to globally certified competitions and has done very well!

In addition, Jackie is a flutist and when he was 14 passed the Level 10 Flute Exam from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Jackie is always asked to perform at community events, something he truly loves to do. Jackie is also a member of the Canadian Folk Art Association and proudly performs his Chinese traditional instruments.

Jackie is a devoted to STEM Kids Rock STEM Squad Member! He loves sharing his knowledge with younger students. He is an excellent science communicator. Jackie is dedicated to his community and recently received the grand Ontario Volunteering Award!

We are so proud of Jackie and appreciate his tremendous contribution to STEM Kids Rock, he is truly is a STEM Renaissance Man!

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