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International Women's Day 2018... STEM ROCKED!

Keeley Aird at the City of Markham's Bright Minds Breakfast for Women in STEM

STEM Kids Rock had the most amazing International Women's Day 2018! We started off at a the "Breakfast with Bright Minds" hosted by the amazing City of Markham's Mayor Frank Scarpitti! The breakfast celebrated Women in STEM from the City of Markham, Canada's High-Tech Capital! There were so many amazing women who were sharing their trailblazing jobs, I was so impressed. For example, did you know that IBM has 20 Master Inventors and Joanna Ng is the only woman who holds this title. I didn't even know you could become a Master Inventor!

From the inspiring breakfast, I headed to the Metamorphosis Girls STEM Conference at John Polanyi Collegiate in Toronto. Metamorphosis was founded by Nicole Anthony, an inspiring science teacher at John Polanyi. I had the good fortune of meeting Nicole at the 2017 STAN Conference held at the Ontario Science Centre. At this conference, Nicole invited me to be a speaker at Metamorphosis 2018, this was the first time I had ever been invited to an event to speak and I was so excited!

Keeley Aird & Nicole Anthony, Founder of Metamorphosis

At Metamorphosis there were over 500 grade 6 & 7 girls and featured over 40 inspirational STEM women who spent their day sharing their STEM journey. STEM Kids Rock had the great honour of presenting two prehistoric fossil workshops, being part of a soap box science themed STEM Talk, a panel presenter, exhibitor as well as the closing final words!

STEM Kids Rock Girls Squad

We couldn't have pulled off this day without the amazing STEM Kids Rock Girls STEM Squad members Jordyn Sunn, Penelope Gsaenger, Patricia Rea and Mariam George who came for the day to support the workshops and exhibition tables at Metamorphosis.

Thank you Nicole Anthony and Mayor Frank Scarpitti for making International Women's Day the best day ever!

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