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Meet STEM Kids Rock's Hamza Khan!

Meet STEM Kids Rock's Hamza Khan

Hamza Khan is 17 years old and a top science student at Stouffville District Secondary School. His favourite subjects in school are biology and mathematics and will be studying life sciences at University in the fall. In his spare time, Hamza is a teen scientist volunteer with STEM Kids Rock. STEM Kids Rock does over 60 free events throughout the year in hopes of encouraging elementary students to fall in love with science. Hamza is a very important member of the STEM Kids Rock team and has helped inspire over 100,000 students since their inception. Hamza is a true Renaissance man who not only enjoys the sciences and math, he also enjoys art and loves to draw.

Hamza is a dedicated member of the Stouffville Secondary Science Club and has successfully competed in various science competitions with the club as well has earned other awards on his own.

  • Achieved 3rd in Seneca Science Olympics - Physics for Science Club - 2017

  • Achieved 1st in Western Science Olympics - Physics for Science Club - 2015

  • 1st Place in School for Waterloo Math Contest - 2017

  • 3rd Place in School for Waterloo Math Contest - 2016

  • Honour & Principal Award in Grade 10 - 2016

  • Honour and Principal Award in Grade 9 - 2015

  • Math Award in Grade 8 - 2014

STEM Kids Rock is so fortunate to have Hamza part of our STEM Squad and know he is destined for great things and will continue to help others along his STEM journey.


Interested in joining the STEM Kids Rock's STEM Squad or having our Free Mobile Science Centre come to your event?

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